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Colorized postcard of a scene at Lagoon depicting the water park

Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah.

A photograph taken outdoors of a store with a sign which read 'City Meat Market, C. Jensen Pro...' and which has several people standing in front of it.

A photograph taken outdoors view of trees and houses with mountains in the background. In the foreground is a fence, at an angle, and a line of trees following the fence line.

Two pictures of a view of a Manti street with the temple in the background. There are four buildings on one side of the street and one of the buildings has two awnings over its two front windows. Taken outdoors.

A photograph taken outdoors of the Manti temple, surrounding structures, and a near-by orchard.

Taken outdoors, a photo of a large two-story store building with signs advertising pictures, frames, mirrors, brackets, sewing machines, baby carriages, band instruments, etc. The main sign reads "Grant's Music Emporium & Novelty Baz." and there are…

A large group of people boarding a street car and a line of carriages on the opposite side of the tracks. Taken outdoors. Written on the bottom: "Pioneer Day, Springville, Utah, July 24th 1915, G.E.A. Photo."


Mountains reflected in a crystal clear lake.

A dam, and a building on the shore of Jackson Lake in Teton County, Wyoming.

Eagle Gate, woman on the corner, trolley cars in street.

Tree, lake, snow capped mountains in the distance.

Grocery store in Panguitch, Utah along Highway 89.

Courthouse in Panguitch, Utah.

Canyon Lodge, motel located in Panguitch, Utah.

Rexall drug store in Panguitch, Utah.

S. & C. Mercantile store in Panguitch, Utah.

Panguitch Public Library.

Color Country Motel located in Panguitch, Utah.

Panguitch jail.

Transcription of a report presented by Councilman Fred Deursch, Jr. discussing a telephone survey he conducted of Logan City residents regarding their opinions of widending the road through Logan Canyon. Report presented in 1988 or 1989.

Results of a survey conducted by Councilman Fred Duersch Jr. regarding Logan City residents' opinions of widening the road in Logan Canyon. Results were analyzed and presented by Hancy, Jones, Wright, & Co. on January 4, 1989 to the Municipal…

Coal miners visiting Lagoon

Young ladies at Lagoon Beach

Midway at Lagoon Park

Lagoon Grounds

A photograph showing the well on Lagoon grounds

Swimming pools and motor boat run at Lagoon

Parking near the horse racing track at lgaoon

A view of horse races from the stands at Lagoon

Jockey L. Dye riding Doctor Shot in a Lagoon horse race

Jockey J. Fredrick riding Fair Trial in a Lagoon horse race

Jockey R. Ayraud riding John A. Scott, Jr. in a Lagoon Horse Race.

Jockey J. Fredrick riding Fair Trial in a Lagoon horse race

Youth swimming at Lagoon Park

Lettter from Stanton S. Nuffer, Project Manager for CH2M HILL, to Senator John Holmgren, regarding the impact study of Highway 89 in Logan Canyon, dated July 25, 1986.

Presenters: Dustin Olson, James Earl Kichas, Clint Pumphrey, Liz Woolcott, and Paula Mitchell. This video presentation outlines the creation of the Highway 89 website.

October 23, 2013

Standard Oil service station owned by Standard Stations Incorporated, 875 South State Street, October 6, 1936.

Car wash at 865 South State Street, built in 1962. Image circa 1963.

Apartment building located at 859 South State Street, built 1916. Image taken circa 1936.

Apartment building located at 851-853 South State Street, built 1910. Image taken circa 1936.

Tire store located at 510 South State Street, built 1944. Image taken May 7, 1945.

Grocery store and tire store at 508-512 South State Street, built 1890. Image taken March 22, 1937.

Stores and apartments at 524 South State Street, built 1897. Image taken in 1930s.

Residence at 1877 South State Street, built circa 1900. Image taken May 11, 1937.

Tourist cabins at 1760 South State Street, built circa 1934. Image taken March 22, 1949.

Hormans furniture store at 1760 South State Street, built 1949. Image taken March 23, 1949.