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Colorized postcard of a scene at Lagoon depicting the water park

Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah.

A photograph taken outdoors of a store with a sign which read 'City Meat Market, C. Jensen Pro...' and which has several people standing in front of it.

A photograph taken outdoors view of trees and houses with mountains in the background. In the foreground is a fence, at an angle, and a line of trees following the fence line.

Two pictures of a view of a Manti street with the temple in the background. There are four buildings on one side of the street and one of the buildings has two awnings over its two front windows. Taken outdoors.

A photograph taken outdoors of the Manti temple, surrounding structures, and a near-by orchard.

Taken outdoors, a photo of a large two-story store building with signs advertising pictures, frames, mirrors, brackets, sewing machines, baby carriages, band instruments, etc. The main sign reads "Grant's Music Emporium & Novelty Baz." and there are…

A large group of people boarding a street car and a line of carriages on the opposite side of the tracks. Taken outdoors. Written on the bottom: "Pioneer Day, Springville, Utah, July 24th 1915, G.E.A. Photo."


Correspondence from Robert Arbuckle to Congressman James Hansen, thanking Congressman Hansen for his participation in the plans for the US 89 corridor project. Also included is a list of concerns about the project.

Dennis Austin discusses his career in the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and all the time in the field he spent and his role and opinions on various policies involved he also talks about his role in influencing and teaching land owners about…

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 42.pdf
Correspondence from Bill Bacon to J. Whitney Floyd, November 28, 1961 about the Logan Canyon Highway.

Treasure Trail and "Beyond the Border" by Frank Barker and Latin Aires, 45 record album, with the agreements by 89'ers for the production of these two songs.

Garth Barker discusses multiple-use access for the Logan Canyon meeting with politicians at Multiple Access Conservation Coalition member about land access concerns experience as a member of Search and Rescue.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 8.pdf
Correspondence from L. Sheldon Barker to Craig Caupp with enclosed (not in this file) information on areas of interest and the services and capabilities of CH2M Hill.

The interview contains information on the childhood, education and the career of Dave Baumgartner as a forester, the various positions held within the Forest Service and his views on management. There are many anecdotes from his personal experiences…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd9_Item 16.pdf
Correspondence from Dave Baumgartner to Steve Flint regarding the role of the National Forest Scenic Byway Program proposing a complementary aesthetic experience in the canyon with improvement of campgrouds and appropriate signs. Proposes the…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd9_Item 17.pdf
Correspondence from Dave Baumgartner to Tom Lyon about public concerns for Logan Canyon. Designing the right highway is mentioned, also that the aesthetic issue remains unsolved.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_4.pdf
Correspondence from Dave Baumgartner to Tom Lyon discussing the possibility of compromise on the changes for Logan Canyon.

Comments from local leaders and residents of Cache, Bear Lake, and Rich counties arguing for both minimal improvements to the canyon road claiming it as a destination, and maximum improvement to increase traffic flow and reduce accidents by adding…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to M.J. Roberts regarding the camp grounds that are proposed for construction parallel with the road construction and asking what is to be done regarding the disposal of fill material. Also asks how they intend to…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Vern Hamre questioning who is the lead agency - UDOT or the Forest Service - in the road construction activities proposed for Logan Canyon. He also requests an evaluation of the environmental issues.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Gary Lindley regarding the proposed construction activities in Logan Canyon. The Sierra Club is concerned about UDOT's compliance with NEPA and wants to have an Enviromental Assessment drawn up.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to George Bohn requesting that any and all information regarding Utah Department of Transportation's compliance with NEPA be sent for review, espeicially as to why Logan Canyon was removed from a Category I and put in…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to David Watt asking for a copy of the "finding of no significant impact" and asking for information as to why UDOT decided to proceed without an Environmental Assessment as required by CEQ NEPA.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to JoJo Jones stating the intent to demand an Environmental Statement be produced in regards to the Logan Canyon project.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Information Officer requesting the regulations that the Utah Department of Transportation uses for implenting NEPA.

Mountains reflected in a crystal clear lake.

A dam, and a building on the shore of Jackson Lake in Teton County, Wyoming.

Eagle Gate, woman on the corner, trolley cars in street.
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