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Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to F.P. Champ of the Cache Valley Banking Company, reiterating the Governor's interest in having the section of Highway 89 between Logan and Garden City completed early.

Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to State Road Commission Chairman E.E. Howe concerning the diversion of forest highway funds allotted for construction of the road between Logan and Garden City to construction efforts along the…

Correspondence from Utah Roads Committee Representative, O.G. Cardon to Utah Congressman Abe Murdock concerning the state of Highway 89 in Logan Canyon, the Roads Committee's contention that money needed for Logan Canyon roads was needlessly diverted…

Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to U.S. Bureau of Public Roads Chief, Thomas H. MacDonald concerning the construction of a road that would connect Cedar Breaks National Monument to the Long Valley Road section of Highway 89.

Correspondence from Utah State Automobile Association Manager, W.D. Rishel to Utah State Highway Engineer, K.C. Wright advocating the association's position on how Highway 89 should be routed north of Spanish Fork, Utah.

Correspondence between Utah Governor Henry Blood and Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Secretary G.A. London concerning a resolution to build a trunk highway off of Highway 89, through the Navajo Nation, ending in Bluff, Utah.

Correspondence from members of the Thistle Civic Club to the State Road Commission requesting that they be allowed to construct a road that would enter Highway 89 a half mile north of the historic viaduct at Thistle.

Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to State Road Commission Chairman W.D. Hammond concerning a recent trip the governor made on Highway 89, his impressions of the road quality in southern Utah, and his commendation to the State Road…

Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to Richfield Lions Club Secretary, Ernest R. Hill concerning a Lions Club resolution that the State Road Commission address a hazardous curve on Highway 89 in Sevier County.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 41.pdf
Correspondence from Floyd Iverson to J. Whitney Floyd, December 4, 1961 in response to the related decisions for Logan Canyon Highway construction project.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 11.pdf
Correspondence from Jack Berryman to Mr. Michaelson on the material for "The Agent."

Scenic 89 tourism road sign photographed along Highway 89 in Utah County as part of a project by the State Department of Highways to document Utah highways signs.

Scenic 89 tourism road sign photographed along Highway 89 in Sevier County as part of a project by the State Department of Highways to document Utah highways signs.

Scenic 89 tourism road sign photographed along Highway 89 in Weber County as part of a project by the State Department of Highways to document Utah highways signs.

Scenic 89 tourism road sign photographed along Highway 89 in Box Elder County as part of a project by the State Department of Highways to document Utah highways signs.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_7.pdf
Corresponsence from Utah Wilderness Association to Desmond Anderson explaining the benefits of membership with the Utah Wilderness Association. Anderson agrees to join so long as the UWA opposes UDOT's proposed changes to Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from C. Gene Sturzenegger to Brian Beard summarizing government regulations.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Information Officer requesting the regulations that the Utah Department of Transportation uses for implenting NEPA.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to JoJo Jones stating the intent to demand an Environmental Statement be produced in regards to the Logan Canyon project.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to David Watt asking for a copy of the "finding of no significant impact" and asking for information as to why UDOT decided to proceed without an Environmental Assessment as required by CEQ NEPA.

Correspondence from George Bohn to William Hurley explaining the category assignment of the Logan Canyon project from nonmajor to major and that environmental actions are under CEQ and DOT.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to George Bohn requesting that any and all information regarding Utah Department of Transportation's compliance with NEPA be sent for review, espeicially as to why Logan Canyon was removed from a Category I and put in…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Vern Hamre questioning who is the lead agency - UDOT or the Forest Service - in the road construction activities proposed for Logan Canyon. He also requests an evaluation of the environmental issues.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to M.J. Roberts regarding the camp grounds that are proposed for construction parallel with the road construction and asking what is to be done regarding the disposal of fill material. Also asks how they intend to…

Paper attempts to answer the question of traffic increase in Logan Canyon.

Illustrative map of Logan Canyon from Garden City to Logan with a description of the purpose of Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon. Also included are alternate suggestions and requests about the construction and proposed improvements in…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 8.pdf
Public correspondence from Federal Highway Administration, February 11, 1987 stating when and where public scoping meetings will be held, CH2M Hill's role in the Logan Canyon study, general proposed improvements along the Canyon Road, and who to…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 9.pdf
Logan Canyon U.S. Highway 89 land use technical memorandum detailing the existing conditions, impacts, and mitigation, with references and appendix.

MSS148VIIIB27Fd9_Item 17.pdf
Correspondence from Jack Spence to Dale Bosworth stating that the Forest Plan needs to be taken seriously in consideration of the modifications proposed about Logan Canyon.

Memorandum July 9, 1986 from Stan Nuffer thanking participants for their attendance with attached minutes and agenda review.

Additional data for agenda items from January 26, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting includes an environmental report schedule, outline for scoping meeting, list of figures for slide presentation for scoping meeting, environmental impact statement…

MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 7.pdf
Additional data for agenda items March 30, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting.

Correspondence from Mark Hill to Stan Nuffer explaining the resource value of the Logan River highlighting three perspectives: recreational, economic, and biological.

Paper stating the importance of highway safety which involves two major issues: accident ratesa and the severity of accidents. Analysis of the Utah Department of Transportation statistical accident data show that the number of accidents in Logan…

A publication of the Utah Wilderness Coalition published in May 1986. Summary of wilderness in Zion-Hot Desert, Cedar Mesa, and Canyonlands regions of Utah, giving a synopsis of each area's status, the relationship to nearby wilderness lands such as…

Conservationists' Alternative made suggestions to improve specific problems within Logan Canyon with minimal environmental impact, in contrast to Agency Alternative.

MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 3.pdf
Notice for a public meeting regarding Highway 89 improvements in Logan Canyon, 1980s.

Letter to the editor entitled Adult fables by Sadie Hanson from Smithfield.

Cover page of March 9, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting minutes includes handwritten notes in margins.

The minutes from the February 17, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting (See also Item 12 in folder).

Minutes from August 11, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Randy Nielsen's name added to mailing list. Review of minutes, draft traffic tech memo, manual traffic counts, maintenance information, and accident data.

Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, traffic count data, presentation of proposed traffic forecast, highway capacity and level of service determination, review of accident data, and an update on status of base…

Memorandum to the Interdisciplinary Team members on the subject of traffic forecasts through 2010. Also includes population forecasts estimated for all the counties in Utah from 1940 to 1970, and specific county projections from 1970 to 1985

Memorandum from Stan Nuffer to the Interdisciplinary Team on July 22, 1987 with an attached list of the potential spot improvements, mile posts, exisiting conditions and potential actions.

Minutes from June 22, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting from Stan Nuffer detailing the agenda from the 23rd ID Team meeting at Brigham City Hall.

Additional data including accident data summary and analysis with topical maps highlighting the most accident prone routes along the canyon

Minutes of June 23, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of role of Interdisciplinary Team, level of documentation required, public involvement program outline, and the schedule.

MSS148VIIIB27Fd1_Item 6.pdf
Exhibit A of the Logan Canyon environmental study scope of work that lists the numerous tasks to be completed for the project including an analysis of transportation needs such as safety, maintenance, and congestion

Minutes from August 25, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, draft traffic forecast technical memorandum, manual traffic counts, existing roadway features, and general discussion.

Minutes from the 24th Interdisciplinary Team meeting on July 31, 1987 at UDOT district office in Ogden, Utah. Also included is a corrected Figure 6-1 for Traffic Capacity Technical Memorandum and labeled map, and written comments on Visual Technical…
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