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Camping. Man next to tent under "hanging rock" in Logan Canyon. Black and white negative (4 x 5 in)

Logan Canyon, Utah. Large rock formation along river in Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (12 x 17 in)

Logan Canyon, Utah. Camping, 1908. Peter Peterson Family from Petersboro camping. July 1908. Note tent and poles. Photo by W.L. Peterson. Black and white photograph (6 x 10 in) mounted on board

On the Ridge. Logan Canyon, Utah. July 8, 1913. Black and white photograph (3 x 5.5 in) mounted on board

Logan Canyon. Power plant structures, 1915. Black and white photograph (3 x 5 in) mounted on board

Camping. Tent, car, wagon, two men, next to Logan River. Black and white negative (4 x 5 in)

Logan Scout Troop 5 in Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (2.5 x 4 in)

Logan Scout Troop 5 hiking probably in Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (2.5 x 4 in).

View of Logan Canyon from USU Campus. Black and white photograph (5 x 7 in)

Enlargement of a photo showing the Herculesa power plant in Logan canyon, between 1890 and 1910. Black and white photograph (10 x 14 in)

Logan Scout Troop 5 on a winter hike probably in Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (2.5 x 4 in)

Logan Canyon, Utah. ca. 1978, Black and white photograph (6 x 8 in) mounted on board

Group of horseback riders at White Pine Basin, Logan Canyon, Utah. Black and white photograph (3 x 5 in)

Cattle. Logan Canyon, Utah. Black and white photograph (3 x 4.5 in) mounted on board

Hercules Hydro-Power Plant at mouth of Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (4 x 5 in)

Logan Canyon, Utah. Sawmills, 1900. Water power sawmill devised and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Hans H. Hansen. Black and white photograph (5.5 x 7.5 in) mounted on board

Logan Scout Troop 5 on a hike probably in Logan Canyon. Black and white photograph (2.5 x 4 in)

Logan Canyon, Utah. Relief Valve in Utah Power and Light Company flume, 1923-1924. Original Negatives: Logan City Engineer. Black and white photograph (3 x 5.5 in) mounted on board

In her first interview Katherine Gilbert briefly talks about her childhood in Canada and fond memories of outdoor experiences in her youth. She discusses her college education and subsequent jobs and training, and then speaks about influences as an…

Garth Barker discusses multiple-use access for the Logan Canyon meeting with politicians at Multiple Access Conservation Coalition member about land access concerns experience as a member of Search and Rescue.

The interview contains information on the career of Scott Bushman for the Forest Service. He was involved heavily in fire suppression and the Logan Hot Shot crew. He also discusses how he first got involved in Logan Canyon as a youth in the Youth…

Dennis Austin discusses his career in the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and all the time in the field he spent and his role and opinions on various policies involved he also talks about his role in influencing and teaching land owners about…

John Neuhold and Ron Goede discuss their experiences at the Utah State University Summer Camp (and the skills and camaraderie they gained there) and other experiences in their education, including those with the GI Bill.

In Bill Hurst's first interview, he discusses his experiences with the Forest Service: (father and grandfather both worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Utah), including Hurst's service in the Logan Ranger District and the Cache National Forest in…

PO324 06-281.jpg
View looking out of mouth of Logan Canyon onto the valley (Logan LDS Temple and Old Main tower visible)

Mouth of Logan Canyon looking east. In the right foreground is the Island area with Canyon Road running through it

View of The Island and mouth of Logan Canyon early 1900s. Utah State University Agricultural Extension Service photograph. Black and white photograph (5 x 6.75 inches) mounted on board.

Modified map of U.S. Highway 89 through Logan Canyon, Utah, from Logan, Utah, to Bear Lake, Utah, and Idaho. Taken from Cache Valley Visitors Bureau's pamphlet entitled "Guide to Logan Canyon: national scenic byway."

Eleven articles of incorporation for Logan Canyon Coalition

Newsletter from the Logan Canyon Improvement Group, Volume 1 Issue 2, entitled Citizens Alert, with reports on Logan Canyon Group meetings, public support, contribution needs, and welcoming letters to the editor.

Paper prepared for EDUC 677. This qualitative research project involved a multi-case study of adult citizens involved in a local political controversy. Following background research, structured interviews were conducted with three core subjects to…

CPLC Newletters from 1976-1996 (incomplete) discussing the need for the protection of Logan Canyon and examination of the Conservatives' Alternative.

Record of decision for US Highway 89 stating that the Federal Highway Administration agrees with the Utah Department of Transportaion in its selection of the Preferred Alternative.

Multiple correspondences from members of the Logan Canyon Coalition including a notice of appeal and statement of reasons, and discussion of the modifications proposed for Logan Canyon.

Pamphlet explaining the preferred alternative in detail for Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Chandler St. John to Marta Tollerup discussing the Environmental Assessment Report approved in April 1971 used in preparing another more current report, noting that three sections of the road through Logan Canyon was in need of…

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 16.pdf
Correspondence from Stephan Flint to Wes Wilson, June 17, 1987

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 2.pdf
Conservationists' spot improvement alternative for locations within Logan Canyon with proposed action, rationale, and impacts and problems with rejected alternatives.

Correspondence from Keith Lautenbach (on behalf of Daniel Watt) to Brian Beard, (with Lautenbach's signature) in response to Beard's previous correspondence about the FHWA's compliance with NEPA and other agency regulations.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 1.pdf
Correspondence from Marjorie Lewis to Rudy Lukez mentioning a tour and brochure.

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 17.pdf
Correspondence from Dale Bosworth to Daniel Dake explaining the position of the Forest Service position concerning the Logan Canyon project.

Correspondence from Bruce Pendery to Dave Berg stating the reasons why a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) should be prepared, explaining that flawed data and lack of public involvement have made the current EIS unusable. Suggests a…

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 24.pdf
Correspondence from Bryan Dixon to Rudy Lukez, March 28, 1987, correspondence from Jay A. Monson to James (Jim) Naegle, and the Logan Canyon Highway project status and issues with a history of the project, timline, alternatives being considered,…

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 18.pdf
Discussion with Dale Bosworth about the consistency of the Forest Plan with the draft environmental impact statement.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 21.pdf
UDOT transportation news for study of Logan Canyon and the public involvement meeting to be held to better improve the canyon.

Correspondence from M.J. Roberts to Marta Tollerup discussing the changes to China Row picnic site, Woodcamp campground, Cottonwood picnic site, Twin Bridges campground, and two summer recreation residences including the aspects of recreation and…

Pamphlet to save Logan Canyon.

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 19.pdf
Correspondence from Dick Carter to Dale Bosworth about use of the forest plan in the proposed improvements on Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Daniel Watt to Thomas Lyon, October 5, 1979 acknowledging concerns about traffic and safety analyses and the classification of Logan Canyon.
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