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Treasure Trail.mp3
"Treasure Trail" performed by Frank Barker and His Latin Aires, 1950's. Music composed by Bernie Williams and commissioned by the 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc. Read the agreement here: http://highway89.org/items/show/1288 

Various corresponence from the Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon, 1987-1994. Most cover the topics of the agency alternative improvement suggestions, the biological assessment of Logan Canyon, and the endangered plant study from Utah State…

Highway 89 meeting minutes, March 22, 1990 and April 12, 1990 discussing the possible solutions to the problems faced by Farmington and Fruit Heights with the current U. S. Highway 89.

Testimony of Representative James V. Hansen before the transportation subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, April 26, 1990, requesting funding for US 89 to alleviate the traffic congestion in more rural areas along the highway.

Testimony of Congressman James V. Hansen before the transportation subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee stating the reasons for funding to improve the interchange of I-15/US 89, with special mention of the Morton International Facility.

Results of the executive summary of US 89 corridor study of Davis and Weber Counties explaining the need for an expressway and funding.

MSS351SerIBx85FdHighway89_Item 8.pdf
Correspondence from Mark N. Tuttle to James Hansen, April 16, 1990, expressing Tuttle's disappointment in Hansen's support of the conversion of Highway 89.

Twelve resolutions from the second annual 89'ers membership meeting, October 12, 1956

Correspondence from Kenley Brunsdale to James Hansen, April 12, 1990, requesting the Congressman gain authorization prior to testifing before a subcommittee.

Versar project conference record for US-89, Farmington to South Ogden, suggesting an access option from I-15/US 89 for the west Farmington area with a discussion on the wetlands, transportation master plan issues, and Burke Lane access options.

Correspondence from Robert Arbuckle to Congressman James Hansen, thanking Congressman Hansen for his participation in the plans for the US 89 corridor project. Also included is a list of concerns about the project.

89'ers executive secretary memos, 1957-1958 on the recap of income and expenditures of 1957 fiscal year, report on the Jackson [Hole] situation, notice of annual meeting in 1957 and 1958, August news bulletin, January 1957 board of directors meeting,…

Applications for charter, charter requirements, and membership, by-laws of all local clubs and units chartered by 89'ers International Highway Association.

89'ers news bulletins discussing membership, conventions notes from Afton, WY and Mazatlan, general progress report, brochure and movie progress, and resolutions adopted from October 12, 1956.

Mintues from the 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc. second annual membership meeeting and report from auditing committee.

Eight articles of the bylaws of 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc.

Treasure Trail and "Beyond the Border" by Frank Barker and Latin Aires, 45 record album, with the agreements by 89'ers for the production of these two songs.

Documents pertaining to the promotional movie for the 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc.

Draft brochure highlighting Highway 89 and the locations along the way with slogan of "Scenic Route through three Nations."

89'ers miscellaneous correspondence from various members

A report and the attached evidence of total sales, commission, and remittance to the 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc. fund.

Various correspondence from members of 89'ers International Highway Association, Inc. including Ray Stewart, Bentley Mitchell, and Martin Cantwell.

Correspondence from Martin Cantwell to Bentley Mitchell, including receipts and newspapers clippings.

On March 7, 1957 - Discussion of the mail ballot that was circulated to all Directors in office on February 16, 1957 to elect Sr. Guillermo Freeman of the Repbublic of Mexico to the Board of Directors. January 28 & 29, 1957 - Discussion of financial…

89'ers board of directors meeting minutes, October 24, 1955

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 21.pdf
UDOT transportation news for study of Logan Canyon and the public involvement meeting to be held to better improve the canyon.

Correspondence from J. L. Mower to Rudy Lukez. Logan Canyon designated as a Scenic Byway. Notes a preliminary evaluation of the Wasatch Variation as the preferred northern route of the Kern River and Wycal pipeline.

Public scoping meeting for public officals and others on the Logan Canyon Environmental Study at Logan City Hall on March 4, 1987.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 4.pdf
Minutes from May 18, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of the existing conditions portion of the socio-economic technical memorandum, review of the technical memorandum addressing noise, review of the existing…

Answers to questions from the public about proposed changes to Logan Canyon.

Memorandum July 9, 1986 from Stan Nuffer thanking participants for their attendance with attached minutes and agenda review.

Transcript from the public scoping meeting for the Logan Canyon environmental study held at City Hall in Garden City, Utah on March 10, 1986 where several spoke and answered questions.

USU_MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 2.pdf
Correspondence from Stanton S. Nuffer to John Holmgren of the Utah Legislative Delegation detailing the intent of the study by CH2M HILL and the Utah Department of Transportation on Highway 89 through Logan Canyon.

USU_MSS133Bx53Fd14_Item 1.pdf
Correspondence from Perry City and Willard City regarding the signs regulating truck traffic on Highway 89 thanking John Holmgren for the positive impact of the signs on the communities.

Minutes from October 20, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of satety analysis technical memo, study of goals and objectives, discussion of geotechnical investigations, and alternate routes to Logan Canyon.

Cover page of March 9, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting minutes includes handwritten notes in margins.

USU_MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 4.pdf
Meeting agenda and map of potential Highway 89 route through Logan Canyon, 1980s.

The minutes from the February 17, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting (See also Item 12 in folder).

Minutes from August 11, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Randy Nielsen's name added to mailing list. Review of minutes, draft traffic tech memo, manual traffic counts, maintenance information, and accident data.

Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, traffic count data, presentation of proposed traffic forecast, highway capacity and level of service determination, review of accident data, and an update on status of base…

Minutes from October 6, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, public information meeting, and visual considerations presentation by Clark Ostergard, Garden City meeting.

MSS148VIIIB27Fd1_Item 3.pdf
Lined notebook paper with a list of those attending of the interdisciplinary team.

Minutes from November 17, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, alternate route technical memo, public involvement summary memorandum, public involvement/scoping meeting, review of existing roadside parking, areas meeting critera…

Memorandum to the Interdisciplinary Team members on the subject of traffic forecasts through 2010. Also includes population forecasts estimated for all the counties in Utah from 1940 to 1970, and specific county projections from 1970 to 1985

Memorandum from Stan Nuffer to the Interdisciplinary Team on July 22, 1987 with an attached list of the potential spot improvements, mile posts, exisiting conditions and potential actions.

Minutes from June 22, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting from Stan Nuffer detailing the agenda from the 23rd ID Team meeting at Brigham City Hall.

A memo from Stan Nuffer detailing the minutes from the Interdisciplinary Team meeting from February 17, 1987. (See also Item 13 in folder).

Additional data including accident data summary and analysis with topical maps highlighting the most accident prone routes along the canyon

USU_MSS133Bx45Fd8_Item 3.pdf
The motion made before the Logan Municipal Council on January 5, 1989 supporting the Utah Department of Transportation and their consultants in the improvements on the Logan Canyon Highway 89

Minutes of June 23, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of role of Interdisciplinary Team, level of documentation required, public involvement program outline, and the schedule.
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