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Correspondence from members of the Thistle Civic Club to the State Road Commission requesting that they be allowed to construct a road that would enter Highway 89 a half mile north of the historic viaduct at Thistle.

Correspondence from Utah Governor Henry Blood to Richfield Lions Club Secretary, Ernest R. Hill concerning a Lions Club resolution that the State Road Commission address a hazardous curve on Highway 89 in Sevier County.

Various papers commenting on the Logan Canyon construction project, 1994. Included: Citizens for a Safe and Scenic Logan Canyon summary of UDOT plan of action and Conservationist plan of action, time filing lawsuit under NEPA, and comments on Logan…

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Daryl Chase, December 2, 1961 discussing the Statement on Road Construction and Resouce Use and its dissemination to the Utah congressional delegation.

Correspondence for Jack Berryman to James Deans, April 4, 1962 about the public opinion of the highway construction in Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, Dean College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife, to S. G. Merryman, Northern Pacific Railway Co., on December 1, 1961 about the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

Memorandum from Jack Berryman to Gladys Harrison about copies of the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

Several alternatives to the proposed construction in Logan Canyon including: concern over the expansion and curve reduction in Logan Canyon, Agency Alternative, Additions to Conservationists' alternative for US 89, Environmentalists' alternative,…

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Floyd Iverson, December 2, 1961 about the Road Construction and Resouce Use statement.

Correspondence from Daryl Chase to C. Taylor Burton, November 25, 1961. Response to the Road Constuction and Resource Use statement.

Six page essay regarding the Forest Service Position on the Logan Canyon Highway.

Memorandum from Jack Berryman to J. Whitney Floyd, November 28, 1961. Notes on changes to the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

Essay detailing the importance of road building. Includes bibliography.

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to John Funk, January 24, 1962 regarding the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

Open letter to C. Taylor Burton, Harold S. Crane, Floyd Iverson, and Grant Meyers referencing the College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management of Utah State University and the Road Construction and Resources Use statement.

Memorandum from Jack Berryman to Files on November 7, 1961 regarding the position of the Forest Service and the College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management on the road construction and resource use in Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Managment, to Floyd Iverson, Regional Forester, on October 25, 1961 about principles of good lane use.

Correspondence from Jack H. Berryman to President Daryl Chase, September 1, 1961 about Logan Canyon Road Construction.

Memorandum from J. Whitney Floyd to President Daryl Chase on November 14, 1961 about a meeting with Governor Clyde, November 13, 1961.

Correspondence from C. Taylor Burton, Director of Highways, to Daryl Chase, Utah State University, on July 12, 1961, about passing lanes on highway and the Fish and Game Commission's proposed modification of the highway between Station 565 and 595.

Correspondence from C. Taylor Burton to Daryl Chase, November 20, 1961 about highway construction and the Committee report.

Correspondence from Dean J. Whitney Floyd, College Forest, Range and Wildlife Management, to C. Taylor Burton of Utah Highway Department on June 30, 1961 about Logan Canyon Road.

Memorandum from Dean J. Whitney Floyd to Dean D. F. Peterson, August 8, 1961 about reviewing a manuscript.

Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management, to President Daryl Chase, June 22, 1961 referencing the Director of Highways.

Correspondence from Dean J. Floyd Whitney of College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Managment, to C. Burton Taylor of Utah State Highway Department on June 23, 1961 about the roadwork in Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Dean J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Management, to Executive Editor A. C. Beck, Salt Lake Tribune, June 21, 1961 about the road improvements in Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Assistant Regional Director E. M. Lisle to Dean J. Whitney Floyd on April 6, 1962 about the road construction in Logan Canyon.

Paper prepared for EDUC 677. This qualitative research project involved a multi-case study of adult citizens involved in a local political controversy. Following background research, structured interviews were conducted with three core subjects to…

Conservationists' spot improvement alternative for locations within Logan Canyon with proposed action, rationale, and impacts and problems with rejected alternatives.

Correspondence from Bryan Dixon to Rudy Lukez, March 28, 1987, correspondence from Jay A. Monson to James (Jim) Naegle, and the Logan Canyon Highway project status and issues with a history of the project, timline, alternatives being considered,…

Correspondence from Daniel Watt to Thomas Lyon, October 5, 1979 acknowledging concerns about traffic and safety analyses and the classification of Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Rudy Lukez, Steve Flint and Tom Lyon to Dave Baumgartner expressing their concerns about many of the alternatives while questioning while their alternative is not seriously considered, asking for Forest Service to carefully…

Fact sheet for Logan Canyon prepared by CH2M Hill on Feburary 1987 explaining the reasons for improvements, and the proposed alternatives for each section including maps and graphs.

Recorded traffic volumes at Tony Grove Intersection from August 2, 1986, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Includes dot graph of total traffic for that day, directional split of east and west bound traffic, and diagrams of 3-Leg Turning Movement left and right at…

A Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon analysis of the proposed re-alignment of U.S. 89 in Logan Canyon. Critique of UDOT traffic forecasts by Dr. David Schmipf, Critique of UDOT safety statements by Dr. Jack T. Spence, and a commentary on…

Graphics of type of alterations including cut length and sensitivity rating on roads, riparian, rock cut, on the existing visual conditions.

Evaluation of present and future traffic needs by looking at roadway design, current traffic volumes, and the traffic patterns in Logan Canyon.

Critiques on Logan Canyon construction with a general summary, critique of traffic forecast, traffic accidents in Logan Canyon from 1970-77, effects of road building on Logan River, and an explanation of how the erosive slopes, siltation of the river…

Review from previous meetings' minutes, discussion of Maguire Primrose and FWS interest in Logan Canyon, discussion of the results of the scoping meetings, expansion of I.D. team, discussion on the value of spending time in Logan Canyon to define…

Interdisciplinary team meeting additional data for agenda items including scoping process status report for public involvement, draft memorandum for existing roadside parking, technical memorandum of the areas within the canyon that meet criteria for…

Outline for scoping meeting presentation, list of slides and the print media that received legal notice, findings from the Logan Canyon study, goals and objectives of the study, alternatives for development, notice of public scoping meetings (and…

Bar and dot graphs showing the summer daily traffic at the highest hourly volumes (1979, 1982, 1984, 1985), the average daily traffic by day and by month from 1984-1985.

The Cache Chamber of Commerce voted to approve four local highway improvements.

Minutes from the interdisciplinary team meeting with a review of minutes, traffic counting and forecasting, and an outline of transportation needs analysis.

Memorandum from Stan Nuffer with the minutes from the January 5, 1987 meeting attached and time and location for the next meeting, and schedule.