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Various papers commenting on the Logan Canyon construction project, 1994. Included: Citizens for a Safe and Scenic Logan Canyon summary of UDOT plan of action and Conservationist plan of action, time filing lawsuit under NEPA, and comments on Logan…

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 5.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Daryl Chase, December 2, 1961 discussing the Statement on Road Construction and Resouce Use and its dissemination to the Utah congressional delegation.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 44.pdf
Correspondence for Jack Berryman to James Deans, April 4, 1962 about the public opinion of the highway construction in Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 8.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, Dean College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife, to S. G. Merryman, Northern Pacific Railway Co., on December 1, 1961 about the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 6.pdf
Memorandum from Jack Berryman to Gladys Harrison about copies of the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

Minutes of the Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon, December 15, 1994

Several alternatives to the proposed construction in Logan Canyon including: concern over the expansion and curve reduction in Logan Canyon, Agency Alternative, Additions to Conservationists' alternative for US 89, Environmentalists' alternative,…

Various corresponence from the Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon, 1987-1994. Most cover the topics of the agency alternative improvement suggestions, the biological assessment of Logan Canyon, and the endangered plant study from Utah State…

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 7.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Floyd Iverson, December 2, 1961 about the Road Construction and Resouce Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 41.pdf
Correspondence from Floyd Iverson to J. Whitney Floyd, December 4, 1961 in response to the related decisions for Logan Canyon Highway construction project.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 43.pdf
Six page essay regarding the Forest Service Position on the Logan Canyon Highway.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 40.pdf
Memorandum from Jack Berryman to J. Whitney Floyd, November 28, 1961. Notes on changes to the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 42.pdf
Correspondence from Bill Bacon to J. Whitney Floyd, November 28, 1961 about the Logan Canyon Highway.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 4.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to John Funk, January 24, 1962 regarding the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 39.pdf
Open letter to C. Taylor Burton, Harold S. Crane, Floyd Iverson, and Grant Meyers referencing the College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management of Utah State University and the Road Construction and Resources Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 28.pdf
Correspondence from Dean J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Management, to General Manager D. Robertson, Deseret News, on June 21, 1961 about the road improvement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 13.pdf
Correspondence from Jack Berryman to Louis Clapper, December 1, 1961

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 20.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd , College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management, to Floyd Iverson, Regional Forester, on November 1, 1961.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 14.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Floyd Iverson, Regional Forester, on November 14, 1961 about Logan Canyon Road and road improvements.

Paper prepared for EDUC 677. This qualitative research project involved a multi-case study of adult citizens involved in a local political controversy. Following background research, structured interviews were conducted with three core subjects to…

The preliminary record of decision for US Highway 89, Right Fork in Logan Canyon to Garden City and Final Environmental Impact Statement. The six sections include decision, alternatives considered, section 4(f), measures to minimize harm, monitoring…

Correspondence from Bruce Pendery to Dave Berg stating the reasons why a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) should be prepared, explaining that flawed data and lack of public involvement have made the current EIS unusable. Suggests a…

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 15.pdf
A list of possible improvements to Logan Canyon.

Evaluation of preconstruction of Logan Canyon including diagrams of the suggested widening of lanes and a detailed list of stations and their modifications. Also included is an environmental analysis report for Old Juniper Trailhead by Clark…

A Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon analysis of the proposed re-alignment of U.S. 89 in Logan Canyon. Critique of UDOT traffic forecasts by Dr. David Schmipf, Critique of UDOT safety statements by Dr. Jack T. Spence, and a commentary on…

Correspondence from Thomas Lyon to Gary Lindley requesting information from the Utah Department of Transportation concerning the progress of the suggestions made about changing Logan Canyon and the concerns about a proper representation of the…

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 17.pdf
A list of possbile improvements to Logan Canyon including Bear Lake Summit to Garden City.

Critiques on Logan Canyon construction with a general summary, critique of traffic forecast, traffic accidents in Logan Canyon from 1970-77, effects of road building on Logan River, and an explanation of how the erosive slopes, siltation of the river…

Public scoping meeting for public officals and others on the Logan Canyon Environmental Study at Logan City Hall on March 4, 1987.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 8.pdf
Public correspondence from Federal Highway Administration, February 11, 1987 stating when and where public scoping meetings will be held, CH2M Hill's role in the Logan Canyon study, general proposed improvements along the Canyon Road, and who to…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 4.pdf
Minutes from May 18, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of the existing conditions portion of the socio-economic technical memorandum, review of the technical memorandum addressing noise, review of the existing…

Answers to questions from the public about proposed changes to Logan Canyon.

Additional data for agenda items from January 26, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting includes an environmental report schedule, outline for scoping meeting, list of figures for slide presentation for scoping meeting, environmental impact statement…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd9_Item 15.pdf
Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon proposal for modifications of Logan Canyon emphasizing the protection of the canyon's scenic beauty and recreational uses.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27_Fd9_Page_13 2.pdf
Correspondence from Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon representative Stephan Flint discussing the drafted EIS and the how the document could be improved to better reflect the needs and wants of the citizens.

Transcript from the public scoping meeting for the Logan Canyon environmental study held at City Hall in Garden City, Utah on March 10, 1986 where several spoke and answered questions.

Minutes from the interdisciplinary team meeting with a review of minutes, traffic counting and forecasting, and an outline of transportation needs analysis.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd3_Item 8.pdf
Memorandum from Stan Nuffer with the minutes from the January 5, 1987 meeting attached and time and location for the next meeting, and schedule.

MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 3.pdf
Notice for a public meeting regarding Highway 89 improvements in Logan Canyon, 1980s.

MSS148VIIIB27Fd1_Item 5.pdf
A task calendar and graph detailing the months in which tasks would be completed for the improvement of Logan Canyon's roads.

Cover page of March 9, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting minutes includes handwritten notes in margins.

USU_MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 4.pdf
Meeting agenda and map of potential Highway 89 route through Logan Canyon, 1980s.

The minutes from the February 17, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting (See also Item 12 in folder).

Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, traffic count data, presentation of proposed traffic forecast, highway capacity and level of service determination, review of accident data, and an update on status of base…

Minutes from November 17, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, alternate route technical memo, public involvement summary memorandum, public involvement/scoping meeting, review of existing roadside parking, areas meeting critera…

Memorandum to the Interdisciplinary Team members on the subject of traffic forecasts through 2010. Also includes population forecasts estimated for all the counties in Utah from 1940 to 1970, and specific county projections from 1970 to 1985

Memorandum from Stan Nuffer to the Interdisciplinary Team on July 22, 1987 with an attached list of the potential spot improvements, mile posts, exisiting conditions and potential actions.

USU_MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 5.pdf
Four page fact sheet of the Logan Canyon Study from November 1986 by Utah Department of Transportation and CH2M HILL summarizing the area's transportation needs, roadway conditions, safety, and maintenance. Also included are graphs and tables…

Minutes from June 22, 1987 Interdisciplinary Team meeting from Stan Nuffer detailing the agenda from the 23rd ID Team meeting at Brigham City Hall.

A memo from Stan Nuffer detailing the minutes from the Interdisciplinary Team meeting from February 17, 1987. (See also Item 13 in folder).
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