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Various papers commenting on the Logan Canyon construction project, 1994. Included: Citizens for a Safe and Scenic Logan Canyon summary of UDOT plan of action and Conservationist plan of action, time filing lawsuit under NEPA, and comments on Logan…

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 5.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to Daryl Chase, December 2, 1961 discussing the Statement on Road Construction and Resouce Use and its dissemination to the Utah congressional delegation.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 6.pdf
Memorandum from Jack Berryman to Gladys Harrison about copies of the Road Construction and Resource Use statement.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 9.pdf
Correspondence from Eunice Peterson, Secretary to the Dean, to Kathryn Young, Triple H Ranch, November 21, 1961 abot the study on impact of highways on natural resources.

Several alternatives to the proposed construction in Logan Canyon including: concern over the expansion and curve reduction in Logan Canyon, Agency Alternative, Additions to Conservationists' alternative for US 89, Environmentalists' alternative,…

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 43.pdf
Six page essay regarding the Forest Service Position on the Logan Canyon Highway.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 37.pdf
Essay detailing the importance of road building. Includes bibliography.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 34.pdf
Memorandum from Jack Berryman to Files on November 7, 1961 regarding the position of the Forest Service and the College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management on the road construction and resource use in Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 33.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Managment, to Floyd Iverson, Regional Forester, on October 25, 1961 about principles of good lane use.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 31.pdf
Correspondence from Jack H. Berryman to President Daryl Chase, September 1, 1961 about Logan Canyon Road Construction.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 32.pdf
Correspondence from C. Taylor Burton, Director of Highways, to Daryl Chase, Utah State University, on July 12, 1961, about passing lanes on highway and the Fish and Game Commission's proposed modification of the highway between Station 565 and 595.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 36.pdf
Correspondence from C. Taylor Burton to Daryl Chase, November 20, 1961 about highway construction and the Committee report.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 30.pdf
Correspondence from Dean J. Whitney Floyd, College Forest, Range and Wildlife Management, to C. Taylor Burton of Utah Highway Department on June 30, 1961 about Logan Canyon Road.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 25.pdf
Memorandum from Dean J. Whitney Floyd to Dean D. F. Peterson, August 8, 1961 about reviewing a manuscript.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 26.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management, to President Daryl Chase, June 22, 1961 referencing the Director of Highways.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 29.pdf
Correspondence from Dean J. Floyd Whitney of College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Managment, to C. Burton Taylor of Utah State Highway Department on June 23, 1961 about the roadwork in Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 24.pdf
Correspondence from W. H. Bennett to J. Whitney Floyd, August 10, 1961discussing the Road Construction and Resource Use statement prepared by the College Committee.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 27.pdf
Correspondence from Dean J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range and Wildlife Management, to Executive Editor A. C. Beck, Salt Lake Tribune, June 21, 1961 about the road improvements in Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 3.pdf
Correspondence from Assistant Regional Director E. M. Lisle to Dean J. Whitney Floyd on April 6, 1962 about the road construction in Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 16.pdf
Correspondence from M.R. Merrill, November 6, 1961to his colleagues.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 18.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd, College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management, to Daryl Chase, Utah State University, on November 3, 1961.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 19.pdf
Correspondence from J. Whitney Floyd to George Dewey Clyde, November 3, 1961

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 12.pdf
Correspondence from Jack H. Berryman to Richard H. Stroud, December 1, 1961 concerning Logan Canyon Road and highway planning.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 21.pdf
Memorandum from J. Whitney Floyd, Dean, to President Daryl Chase, October 25, 1961

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 15.pdf
Memorandum from Jack H. Berryman to files, November 7, 1961, about the College of Forest Range and Wildlife Management.

Mr. Peterson talks about growing up in Hyrum, Utah, his father's ranching and farming operations, working with his families’ sheep ranching operation in Cache National Forest and in Box Elder County. He talks about getting out of the sheep business…

Mr. Kindred talks living in Logan Canyon at Beirdneau, his work with Thiokol as an engineer, his family activities up Logan Canyon, and his local history efforts.

The interview contains information on the childhood, education and the career of Dave Baumgartner as a forester, the various positions held within the Forest Service and his views on management. There are many anecdotes from his personal experiences…

The interview includes some personal background information, but mostly discusses John Neuhold's professional life and education. He also talks about his mentors and work in Wisconsin, but mostly his work in Utah, including a project with the Deseret…

The first interview covers Thad Box’s early years in Texas and his education. The interview was a demonstration of interview techniques by Elaine Thatcher to members of the Land Use Management Oral History Project members, including Brad Cole, Randy…

The interview contains information on the career of Scott Bushman for the Forest Service. He was involved heavily in fire suppression and the Logan Hot Shot crew. He also discusses how he first got involved in Logan Canyon as a youth in the Youth…

Fred Knowlton talks about his experiences growing up on the family farm in Springville, New York, his family's educational pursuits, and his experiences with coyotes and the environment.

Record of decision for US Highway 89 stating that the Federal Highway Administration agrees with the Utah Department of Transportaion in its selection of the Preferred Alternative.

Correspondence from Chandler St. John to Marta Tollerup discussing the Environmental Assessment Report approved in April 1971 used in preparing another more current report, noting that three sections of the road through Logan Canyon was in need of…

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 16.pdf
Correspondence from Stephan Flint to Wes Wilson, June 17, 1987

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 2.pdf
Conservationists' spot improvement alternative for locations within Logan Canyon with proposed action, rationale, and impacts and problems with rejected alternatives.

Correspondence from Keith Lautenbach (on behalf of Daniel Watt) to Brian Beard, (with Lautenbach's signature) in response to Beard's previous correspondence about the FHWA's compliance with NEPA and other agency regulations.

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 17.pdf
Correspondence from Dale Bosworth to Daniel Dake explaining the position of the Forest Service position concerning the Logan Canyon project.

Correspondence from M.J. Roberts to Marta Tollerup discussing the changes to China Row picnic site, Woodcamp campground, Cottonwood picnic site, Twin Bridges campground, and two summer recreation residences including the aspects of recreation and…

Correspondence from George Bohn to Brian Beard defining the action plan which must comply with various legislative requirements such as NEPA, and outline how the State will coordinate with other government entities and the public in developing plans…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to Information Officer requesting the regulations that the Utah Department of Transportation uses for implenting NEPA.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 6.pdf
Correspondence from Jean Launer to Rudy Lukez giving examples of projects in other states where administrative changes in design standards were changed for environmental reasons.

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 13.pdf
Correspondence from Jack Spence to Dale Bosworth discussing the Agency Alternative for the Logan Canyon improvements project.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_2.pdf
Encouraging citizens to write to James Naegle requesting copies of the draft Environmental Impact Statement and support the protection of Logan Canyon.

Correspondence from Brian Beard to JoJo Jones stating the intent to demand an Environmental Statement be produced in regards to the Logan Canyon project.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_5.pdf
Correspondence from Rudy Lukez, Steve Flint and Tom Lyon to Dave Baumgartner expressing their concerns about many of the alternatives while questioning while their alternative is not seriously considered, asking for Forest Service to carefully…

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 11.pdf
Correspondence from Jack Spence to R. James Naegle identifying the problems with the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Detailing the concerns, particularly from environmental groups, of the expansion and reduction of curves in Logan Canyon including a general summary, traffic growth factors, safety factors, and environmental factors. Important addresses and questions…

Correspondence from Brian Beard to David Watt asking for a copy of the "finding of no significant impact" and asking for information as to why UDOT decided to proceed without an Environmental Assessment as required by CEQ NEPA.

USU_MSS200ForestServiceSeriesWasatchNFBx6_Item 15.pdf
Correspondence from Dick Carter to Dave Baumgartner, expressign concern over the maintaining the existing values of Logan Canyon and coming to a reasonable solution for all agencies involved.
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