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Zanavoo Restaurant Lodge dinner menu from 1970.

Letter fom the mayors of Willard and Perry City to Senator John P. Holmgren and Eugene Findley, Director of the Utah Department of Transportation, regarding the positive impact the restriction of semi-trucks on Highway 89 had made on their…


USU_MSS133Bx45Fd8_Item 1.pdf
A compilation, by Hancey, Jones, Wright & Co. Co., of information gathered from a telephone survey conducted by Councilman Fred Duersch Jr. Includes Exhibits 1 and 2 which show the results of the information in graphs and tables.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 37.pdf
Essay detailing the importance of road building. Includes bibliography.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 7.pdf
Visual simulations proposal for the cost of basic services and products to be used by the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental planning at Utah State University.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 3.pdf
Evaluation of visual resources in Logan Canyon and the different impacts for drivers and fishermen, campers, hikers, etc.

Versar project conference record for US-89, Farmington to South Ogden, suggesting an access option from I-15/US 89 for the west Farmington area with a discussion on the wetlands, transportation master plan issues, and Burke Lane access options.

Various papers commenting on the Logan Canyon construction project, 1994. Included: Citizens for a Safe and Scenic Logan Canyon summary of UDOT plan of action and Conservationist plan of action, time filing lawsuit under NEPA, and comments on Logan…

Various corresponence from the Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon, 1987-1994. Most cover the topics of the agency alternative improvement suggestions, the biological assessment of Logan Canyon, and the endangered plant study from Utah State…

A publication of the Utah Wilderness Coalition published in May 1986. Summary of wilderness in Zion-Hot Desert, Cedar Mesa, and Canyonlands regions of Utah, giving a synopsis of each area's status, the relationship to nearby wilderness lands such as…

USU_MSS148VIIIB29Fd6_Item 21.pdf
UDOT transportation news for study of Logan Canyon and the public involvement meeting to be held to better improve the canyon.

USU_MSS148VIIIB29_Fd6_Item 14.pdf
Recorded traffic volumes at Tony Grove Intersection from August 2, 1986, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Includes dot graph of total traffic for that day, directional split of east and west bound traffic, and diagrams of 3-Leg Turning Movement left and right at…

Paper attempts to answer the question of traffic increase in Logan Canyon.

Little Tykes Specials from the Bluebird Cafe in Logan, Utah from 1969. Menu items include bozo (hamburger patty, mashed potato and gravy, bread and butter, vegetable, milk or Orangeade, Ice cream), chicky (drumstick and wing, French fried potato,…

Regluar Bluebird Cafe menu includes beef steaks, appetizers, beverages, desserts, seafoods, fried chicken, fresh tasty salads, all day breakfast, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot sandwiches, kiddie corner, and ye olde marble soda shoppe (prices not…

Thanksgiving Holiday dinner at the Bluebird Cafe includes appetizers, entrees, desserts, and children's dinner. Includes Bluebird Regular menu. List of beef steaks, appetizers, beverages, desserts, seafoods, fried chicken, fresh tasty salads, all day…

Breakfast menu for The Bluebird Cafe in Logan, Utah. Includes image of cowboy on a horse at Tony Grove Lake in Logan Canyon. Breakfast menu includes juices, fruits, club breakfasts, waffles and hot cakes, meats and eggs, cereals, toast and rolls, and…

Menu for the Bluebird Cafe in Logan, Utah from 1966 to 1967. Includes list of soda fountain specialties, special sundies, sandwiches, "America's Favorite 4" : Bluebird cheeseburger, ham and eggs, fried spring chicken, and jumbo fried shrimp, steaks,…

Menu for the Bluebird Cafe in Logan, Utah from 1964 to 1965. Includes list of items and prices. Items include breakfast, daily specials, beverages, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

The Bistro menu from 1967 to 1969. Includes items and prices. List includes sandwiches, salads, soups, side orders, beer menu, and soft drinks.

The Bistro menu from 1963 to 1966. Includes items and prices for lunch and dinner menu. Lunch list includes sandwiches, salads, soups, side orders, beer menu, and soft drinks. Dinner menu includes steaks, sandwiches, salads, soups, dinners, and beer…

Testimony of Representative James V. Hansen before the transportation subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, April 26, 1990, requesting funding for US 89 to alleviate the traffic congestion in more rural areas along the highway.

Testimony of Congressman James V. Hansen before the transportation subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee stating the reasons for funding to improve the interchange of I-15/US 89, with special mention of the Morton International Facility.

Tally-Ho Cafe menu. Includes breakfast menu, a la carte items, mileage distance from Logan, a few suggestions on points of interest in Cache Valley, and the Ann Banellis gift shop featuring Banellis custom smoked turkey and eggs of merit.

Results of a survey conducted by Councilman Fred Duersch Jr. regarding Logan City residents' opinions of widening the road in Logan Canyon. Results were analyzed and presented by Hancy, Jones, Wright, & Co. on January 4, 1989 to the Municipal…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 6.pdf
Summary of the comments received from the public scoping meetings in Logan and Garden City in March 1987 concerning the proposed Logan Canyon Road project. Legend deliniates + as improvements encouraged, - as improvements discouraged, and ? as…

Summary fact sheet of the Highway 89 route through Logan Canyon, November 1986

USU_MSS133Bx10Fd6_Item 5.pdf
Four page fact sheet of the Logan Canyon Study from November 1986 by Utah Department of Transportation and CH2M HILL summarizing the area's transportation needs, roadway conditions, safety, and maintenance. Also included are graphs and tables…

Project introduction of the study of U.S. Highway 89 through Logan Canyon by the Utah Department of Transportation.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd3_Item 9.pdf
Interdisciplinary team meeting additional data for agenda items including scoping process status report for public involvement, draft memorandum for existing roadside parking, technical memorandum of the areas within the canyon that meet criteria for…

Memorandum from Stan Nuffer to the Interdisciplinary Team on July 22, 1987 with an attached list of the potential spot improvements, mile posts, exisiting conditions and potential actions.

Paper stating the importance of highway safety which involves two major issues: accident ratesa and the severity of accidents. Analysis of the Utah Department of Transportation statistical accident data show that the number of accidents in Logan…

MSS133Bx45Fd8_Item 3.pdf
A three page typed report investigating the popular opinion of the proposed changes in Logan Canyon on Highway 89.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_6.pdf
Fax from Stan Miller to Kathy Anderson about the reissuance of grazing permits in the Cache Valley and Rich County areas. Also, inlcudes maps of the specific areas.

Rainbow Roads guide to Highways 91, 89, and 191: from San Bernardino to Yellowstone / compiled and edited by Ward J. Roylance. Is from the library of S. George Ellsworth and is comb-bound.

Transcript from the public scoping meeting for the Logan Canyon environmental study held at City Hall in Garden City, Utah on March 10, 1986 where several spoke and answered questions.

Public scoping meeting for public officals and others on the Logan Canyon Environmental Study at Logan City Hall on March 4, 1987.

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd4_Item 8.pdf
Public correspondence from Federal Highway Administration, February 11, 1987 stating when and where public scoping meetings will be held, CH2M Hill's role in the Logan Canyon study, general proposed improvements along the Canyon Road, and who to…

USU_MSS148VIIIB27Fd9_Item 15.pdf
Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon proposal for modifications of Logan Canyon emphasizing the protection of the canyon's scenic beauty and recreational uses.

MSS148VIIIB27Fd1_Item 5.pdf
A task calendar and graph detailing the months in which tasks would be completed for the improvement of Logan Canyon's roads.

Pamphlet to save Logan Canyon.

USU_14717Bx8Fd20_Item 39.pdf
Open letter to C. Taylor Burton, Harold S. Crane, Floyd Iverson, and Grant Meyers referencing the College of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Management of Utah State University and the Road Construction and Resources Use statement.

Booklet for the nomination of Logan Canyon as a Scenic Byway including maps, images, and text.

USU_MSS133Bx45Fd8_Item 2.pdf
Motion made before the Logan Municipal Council to support the Utah Department of Transportation in evaluating and upgrading Logan City highways, January 5, 1989.


USU_MSS133Bx45Fd8_Item 3.pdf
The motion made before the Logan Municipal Council on January 5, 1989 supporting the Utah Department of Transportation and their consultants in the improvements on the Logan Canyon Highway 89

Mitchell Motel breakfast menu, 1969. Includes Bridgerland breakfasts, fruits and juices, breakfast cereals, toast and rolls, breakfast meats, eggs, and beverages. Back side is to be used as a placemat and provides general tourist information about…

Minutes of the Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon, December 15, 1994

Minutes of June 23, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of role of Interdisciplinary Team, level of documentation required, public involvement program outline, and the schedule.

USU_MSS200_Forest Ser_Item_20.pdf
The handwritten minutes from a meeting on Logan Canyon road on April 30, 1987, where the Forest Service asserts their role and the role of the forest plan in the developments on Logan Canyon.

Minutes from September 8, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, draft traffic forecast technical memorandum, and manual traffic counts.
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